Auxiliary outboard shaft length 535 / boat ladder

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Auxiliary outboard shaft length 535 / boat ladder

Post by Timbo » Tue Apr 11, 2017 9:56 am

Dear all... I've just bought a lovely 535 after 2 years of searching.

It has a mercury 25hp four stroke but I want to buy n auxiliary engine.

I have the option of a Honda 2.3 outboard short shaft.....will this suffice as an auxiliary for a 535 without having to buy a outboard bracket. The top of the engine mount to the centre of the prop is 52cm.

Furtermore, can anyone recommend a boat ladder for the 535 as we will be launching from the beach.

Finally, any recommendations on replacing the glass?



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Re: Auxiliary outboard shaft length 535 / boat ladder

Post by bobtooke » Fri Apr 14, 2017 2:47 pm

I've got a Mariner 3.3 as an auxillary which feels a bit small at sea but will buzz along at 4 or 5 knots and get you home eventually. Its mounted to the side of the transom next to the main engine. I have a long shaft transom and the auxillary is a short shaft motor but this isn't an issue as the boat sits low enough that the ventilation plate is below the water and there's not much chance of the boat planing on the auxillary!

I can't offer advice on a ladder but with the glass, I would go for original Shetland. I've tried the cheaper ones but they didn't last just cracked and shattered. The ones I got from Shetland are far better quality.

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