Summer 2017-Polite Request -PLEASE READ

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Summer 2017-Polite Request -PLEASE READ

Post by admin » Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:21 am

Dear Members

As you know, I have had to tighten site security to stop bot spamming. This means I have to authorise all new members and elevate paid accounts. I do try to do this the same day but sometimes it can take 24 hours especially if I am on the boat with limited access to WIFI

So please bear with me. I do this voluntarily and do have a full time day job too. I would appreciate it if that if I am not as quick as you would like, not to fill my in box with angry messages but just give me a gently nudge if nothing has happened in 2 days.

Most weekends and al bank holidays will find me in the Solent and Southampton Water so those will be the times I may be a bit slow

Thank you for your patience

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