18 Month Update

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18 Month Update

Post by happyharvey » Sat Jun 03, 2017 3:41 pm

Having recently suffered a back injury, I seem to have a lot of time on my hands and now seems a good time to give an update on all things Shetland. Further more, I enjoy reading other peoples posts so it seems only fair that I give it a go.
A good year and a half ago I introduced myself on the Forum and explained that we had spent 3 seasons exploring the Dorset coastline in a 3.5 metre inflatable, which was great fun but we felt it was time that we moved on to a hard boat.
We looked at a fair number of boats and had some very good advice from Forum members and finally plumped for a Black Hawk. The deciding factors were the slightly higher head room in the cabin compared to a Family Four and we both really liked the seventies vibe that the boat had going on! The boat itself is in really good original unmolested condition but the fly in the ointment (isn't there always one) is the inboard/outdrive set up (sorry Dave, I have a feeling you are not impressed). This caused a lot of umming and arring before we took the plunge.
Interestingly there is no makers plate anywhere, or any evidence of there ever having been one. The only markings that I can find are on the left hand side of the transom which are 19' 014 which I read as being 19ft number 14. The serial number of the engine/outdrive assy. date it as 1978.
Last season (2016) after giving the whole rig a quick going over we headed for Portland Harbour which has a beautifully maintained slipway (perfect for a novice) and with the help of our neighbour we had a successful launch. Infact we had two launches from Portland, the second time we managed on our own and had a great time within the Harbour and Weymouth Bay. These two trips confirmed our interest in the boat and spurred us on to make improvements (throw money at it).
My present condition although not serious has pretty muched wiped out this season but hopefully we should be able to get stuck into a few jobs this summer. I do have a few questions to ask but will save these for the Technical Forum so any advice will be greatly received.

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