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After market fix for leaking Shetland 27's

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:39 pm
by oddbod
Apologies in advance as this is quite a long thread, but hopefully may be of some use to current or prospective Shetland 27 owners.

We have a 2009 Shetland 27 OB. We bought it last April and to date are delighted with it. Although there are some niggly little issues, they are down to perceived quality of finish or 'effort' to do the job right first time during the build process. However, we are also looking at tens of thousands for a boat and not hundreds of thousands, so we have to be reasonable in our criticism.

However, when we were looking at Shetland 27's, we viewed quite a few before buying ours. The main area that kept putting us off, was where rain water finds its way between the top sides of the boat and the canopy. This results in rain water running between topside and canopy, over the cockpit step, down the sides between the cockpit side cushions and into the rear port and starboard lockers where it stays, unless it's mopped up every time. What we were finding was that even on relatively new boats (2008 - 20012) the locker floors were rotting. On one boat we viewed in Ely (2010 model) not only the floor on the port locker floor was rotted, and you could push a screwdriver through the floor, but the supporting bulkhead between the locker and engine bay had rotted as well! Not good.

There seems to be a standard 'fix' for the problem that we had seen on many Shetland 27's, and that is owners sticking on a section of plastic strip or draught excluder approximately 12" long to the outside of the topsides, so that the canopy fits tighter and hopefully deflects water down the plastic strip. However, we found on our boat, that although it greatly improved the problem, it didn't completely resolve it. When it was raining one day when we were on board, I found rain was still managing to trickle into the cockpit. With a bit of study, it was running down the plastic strip, but still managing to run over the lip of the plastic strip and into the cockpit.

I bought some 3mm chrome self adhesive strip from eBay (not advertising, other sellers are available) and stuck it to the outside lip of the plastic strip. This had the effect of diverting the rain down the inside of the chrome strip and down the plastic strip. It also has the benefit of making the plastic strip look less of an afterthought.

A better solution would be for Shetland to modify the area where the rain leaks in at the build stage, but I guess that's unlikely to happen !

Sorry for the length of the thread, but hopefully it may be of some use to someone.

Happy cruising.

Re: After market fix for leaking Shetland 27's

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:21 am
by admin
Thank you - some images would be very useful at some point