Blackhawk water under deck

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Blackhawk water under deck

Post by c000099 » Tue May 15, 2018 9:47 am


Purchased a Blackhawk last year, have pulled it out the water this week for a refit.

The cabin deck had a 3 inches of water sloshing around which I have drained off. I've completely gutted the interior of all furnishings and discovered water under the deck visible after removing the the table hole mount on the floor.

The main deck also has water underneath visible in the table leg (removed) mount and under the battery compartment. The hull is double skin filled with foam and the deck appears to be plywood covered with fibreglass.

The water in the cabin area was not salty, so must be rain water.

I've read other posts about similar situations and different approaches.

I'm quite prepared to replace the deck if required, but having never done this before would like some advise?

My questions are:

1. What is the best way to drill inspection holes in deck, what size and tools and how to I seal them up if the deck is not replaced.
2. Is it possible to removed all the wet foam by multiple inspection holes?
3. What is under the deck of a Blackhawk, does it have stringers and what are the locations
4. If I have to removed the deck, do I simply cut around the edge and what does the new deck sit on assuming the edge of the original desk still exists?
5. What is the hatch / compartment for in the upper deck?

Help and advice much appreciated.


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Re: Blackhawk water under deck

Post by c000099 » Thu May 17, 2018 9:22 pm


After drilling a couple if 4.5" holes, I see the outer deck is good with very little water ingress and foam still solid. I deliberately drilled a 4.5" hole so I can install a inspection cover to allow quick checks in the future.

Then inner deck is solid, but the underlying foam is soaked and lost its integrity. I'm going to cut some rectangular holes to provide sufficient access to remove the foam. I can then fill the holes with marine ply and cover with fibre glass. I'm also going to install a inspection hatch and then drill some small holes to allow additional foam to be applied via injection tube to ensure good coverage.

I'll add some more photos soon.

ps. I think the hatch in the outer deck was for a fuel tank, happy to be corrected.


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