Shetland Owners Association

An Information Resource Centre for Shetland Boat Enthusiasts.

Board Rules

These board rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on SHETLAND OWNERS ASSOCIATION. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly. This will provide a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

Posting Rules

You are welcome to read or post messages, as a Member or a Guest.

  • Member posts will appear immediately,
  • Guest posts appear on the site within approx. 24 hours, and cannot be re-edited.
  • All posts are the responsibility and views of the individual author, and we do not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the views expressed.
  • Any inappropriate, offensive or defamatory messages will be erased.

Please do not post defamatory comments about Shetland Boats Ltd on this website, they will be removed

Posting Images

Most digital cameras these days have huge resolutions that make very large image files. When loaded into the site the large images have to be scrolled to be seen. If you have the technical know how, can you please resize your images to 640 x 480 if you dont, no worries send them to admin for resizing.


Advertisements must be appropriate to this website and must not contravene any legislation. Any items found in breach of these conditions will be removed by ADMIN.

All entries (and any subsequent transactions), are the responsibility of the Seller (or Buyer). and we neither condone nor guarantee anything listed here.

Items for Sale

Unlike eBay, there is no “feedback” that you can check, so if you send money, then get no goods, you have no redress. Likewise, if you part with your goods before receiving cash or cleared cheques you may be conned.

  • Be as descriptive as possble and leave some sort of contact either a mobile number or an email
  • Face to face contact cash transactions are the safest way.

Please let us know when the item is sold.  We can then delete your advert and avoid others subsequently wasting your and their time.

Local Groups

Many Shetland Owners are interested in getting together at a local level.

As our membership is now spread throughout the whole of the UK and even abroad, we have now introduced the Local Groups forum.

Local Group forums have content that can only be seen by paid members, so that more detailed local information can be safely published over the Internet. This enables Co-ordinators to give detailed information of meetings and locations, together with contact phone numbers, members’ names etc., without letting the “whole world” in on the details !