Shetland Owners Association

An Information Resource Centre for Shetland Boat Enthusiasts.

About Us

This site was launched in November 2003 in an effort to provide a useful online information resource for all people interested in Shetland Boats, whether they currently own one or not.

Everyone who has tried to research specific boats to purchase, upgrade or repair finds a shared knowledge base invaluable.

Specialist interest sites such as this can be difficult to start as they will not attract regular visitors unless they contain sufficient relevant content. This is best collated from individual owners with practical experience to share. In order to do this, the site is mostly interactive, with visitors being able to post and reply to forum messages.

What else is here?

  • A Gallery of Owners photos of their own boats.
  • Information on Past and present models of Shetland Boats.
  • Private classified advertising.
  • An open forum for the discussion of Shetland and boating-related topics.
  • The member list is not accessible or viewable to non-members.
  • Links to other websites of interest to Boat Owners.

Polite Notice

I am a volunteer with a full-time job and a family. I am not IT trained.  I try to authorise all new accounts, elevate paid members and retrieve lost passwords within 24 hours.  If I don’t, it’s normally because I am on our boat with limited WIFI and or phone signal. Bear with me. Please do not send me SHOUTY angry emails. Just give me a gentle nudge and I will do my best.